the Rabbit Hole

why the Rabbit Hole?


…I just have always wondered what it would be like, from the Matrix, if I could plug in and know Kung Fu…Many times I have imagined what I would have uploaded or downloaded in this realm that has been my life. I have said, “whoa” a few times on that journey (derek).  In the Rabbit Hole, I met a wonderful companion (Connie) and we saw the movie together and much of what has happened that is DerCon was influenced by our seeing the Matrix in the theater together in the beginning.

Further I have liked this graphic since I saw it (no clue to who designed it…) as it also brings out the Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland rabbit caricature from early books that smelled really good and had great pictures…  It seemed right in line with the four meaningful objectives we chose for our family some time ago:  Prayerfully, Financial (stewarding), Family, and on Mission (sanctification).

We desire that you are stimulated onto love and good deeds, as we walk through the Rabbit Hole that is our life with you… thanks for taking time to spend a few moments in your travels…

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