Step 1 - Why OCIO?

Let us learn about the current state of your enterprise: challenges, strategies and aspirations. From there we’ll craft an action plan to reach your business and personal goals faster.

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Step 2 - How can I get a competitive edge?

How can our company improve operational efficiency to strengthen our bottom line?

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Step 3 - Competitive Edge As A Service?

How can our company improve our services to surpass the competition and see better top line revenue?

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messy people

Sometimes, in our Christianeze way of talking, we stumble across a phrase or description that actually says what we want to say. I’ve heard the terms marginalized, fringe, unchurched, etc. and somehow those terms don’t sound very God-glorifying. But as a people, we do love our labels and categories. Helps us make sense of the…

The First Detour

My first real posting and already, I’m taking a detour.  While this post probably has little to do with the Journey to Oasis, the heart behind it does.  My heart aches. My heart aches for those young women out there who are not called to be single and yet have not met the man God…