if we are the body

I read one magazine. Only one. Real Simple and yes, I do take a little too much pride in the fact of buying just one magazine per month. Course, that one magazine is like $5 or something ridiculous. This months edition has a great article in it about improving relationships by listening. I mean it.

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messy people

Sometimes, in our Christianeze way of talking, we stumble across a phrase or description that actually says what we want to say. I’ve heard the terms marginalized, fringe, unchurched, etc. and somehow those terms don’t sound very God-glorifying. But as a people, we do love our labels and categories. Helps us make sense of the

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resting in music

After yesterday, I’m enjoying a day in music and I just wanted to share my absolute favorite song with everyone. After all…it is all for Jesus, isn’t it?

Why isn’t my anger righteous?

As a wife, I oftentimes find myself taking a defensive position of my home and marriage.  And, to be quite frank, I have enjoyed some of those times.  I can feel a sense of righteousness in my anger against that which comes against my marriage, our home and our spiritual lives. Then I remember James

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