Some gospel-fluency questions that I robbed and duplicated for myself…

  1. What am I not believing about the Gospel in this situation?
  2. What idol or god am I putting my trust in?
  3. How does the Gospel address this?
  4. Who is God? God HAS Saved us From the PENALTY of Sin For the Purpose of Being His BELOVED CHILDREN; God IS SAVING us from the POWER of Sin today…For the Purpose of Bringing Him Glory in All Things by the power of the Spirit. God WILL SAVE US from the Presence of Sin for eternal joy in the presence of our King Jesus.
  5. Who is Jesus? Jesus is the perfect man who lived a perfect life fully submitted to God the Father in all things. He is the God-Man who is God in the flesh so we could know what God is like and God would be near us. He is the Messiah sent by God to save us from our sin, death, and destruction.
  6. What did Jesus do? On the cross, He exchanged His perfect obedience (His righteousness) for our sin so those who have faith in Jesus get His righteousness credited to their account and their sin credited to His account. When He died on the cross, not only were my sins removed, but they were paid for (atoned for). He rose from the dead to show His power over sin and death. (The wages of sin is death, so Jesus’ resurrection shows the debt is paid in full.) He ascended to the right hand of God the Father from where He sent His Spirit to bring faith and new life to us, empowering us to live lives of obedience.
  7. What must we do (repent, faith, new obedience)?
  8. What happens as a result? (New identity, we are forgiven, given the Holy Spirit, included in eternity, commissioned to make disciples etc).
  9. How does this story of mine/theirs intersect with the Bible Story (Purpose of the Gospel): *CREATION – What is my identity? (Sense of Purpose, Significance, Security, Acceptance, Power) *FALL – What is my Problem? (Keeping me from being or doing what I should) *REDEMPTION – What is my Solution? (Who or what will save me from my problem?) *NEW CREATION – What’s my Hope? (What should my world look like if it was as it ought to be?).
  10. What is the power of the Gospel? God-Sin-Jesus-Faith

*For some great context for this: