About Connie

In the process of writing and re-writing the “About Me” on a few

Sheree Conaline "Connie" Iannelli-Smith
Sheree Conaline “Connie” Iannelli-Smith

blogs sites in the past, I have come to realize that my past is only as important as the relationships and personal growth it has generated and then pruned me into who I am today.

Of course, all that said, a few points might be helpful.  First, I am an adopted heir to the Kingdom of God, being justified with Christ and holy loved based on nothing of or from me, but solely the grace, mercy of kindness of my Lord and Savior.

Second…I have been married to a wonderful Godly man since 1997.  God’s hand was in all that, so anything I say would only diminish giving Him the glory for our great and wonderful marriage.  I have a wonderful and loving family and enjoy my time spent with all of them.

And lastly, I am a born again southern girl, loving Jesus, loving my husband, loving my community and church and hopeful for things to come.  Florida Cracker by birth, Missourian through love and Charlestonian by adoption, looking forward to my last title as one of His Redeemed.

My life involves our home and family, our church community, living healthy and wise with the hope that my life mirrors one of peace, contentment and worship.

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