Step 1 - Why OCIO?

Let us learn about the current state of your enterprise: challenges, strategies and aspirations. From there we’ll craft an action plan to reach your business and personal goals faster.

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Step 2 - How can I get a competitive edge?

How can our company improve operational efficiency to strengthen our bottom line?

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Step 3 - Competitive Edge As A Service?

How can our company improve our services to surpass the competition and see better top line revenue?

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BE the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT by Martha Heller; Book Review

Blog Posting As a CIO/vCIO, sometimes I feel like I am on an island.  Responsible for much but no authority or power to make it happen.  I often wonder what happened from the “yes we need a CIO/vCIO” and when I start being one, for the organization there is so much pushback. As I have…